Are you looking to maximise your growth mindset and create unlimited energy to put increased effort into your passion and purpose?

Do you want to get clarity on what your purpose is?

Do you want to find your why?

Would you like to achieve more, and perform at a higher level, on a consistent basis?

Are you looking for more control over parts of your life, health, relationships, and business?

Are you looking for the breakthrough to better performance and more energy?

In this workshop, you’ll discover the breakthrough is within you waiting to be released. You’ll discover it’s all about you.

You’ll learn the strategies, tools, and framework needed to ramp up your performance success and achievements. You’ll learn how to use the Business of You breakthrough tools to achieve balance and reach a level of flow that will raise your performance for more consistent growth and achievement.

In this breakthrough workshop, you’ll discover and work through the Business of You framework to gain clarity on your purpose and unlock a powerful driving force that will lead you to take more persistent action and achieve more.

You’ll take away from this workshop powerful tools that you can use to affect positive change, create higher performance and unlock your unstoppable energy. You’ll be able to use these tools on a regular basis to hone your motivational drivers and create clarity of action and purpose. Using these breakthrough tools with the understanding gained from this workshop you immediately be able to make positive changes and take action to start creating purposeful impact.

Your facilitator for this Business of You breakthrough is Sean Nicholas, The Transformed Man. Sean’s brings a lifetime of experience in both success and failure. Through his transformation, he has deep insight into what it takes to change, grow and achieve beyond what you ever thought was possible.

In attending this workshop you need to be ready to break through, be ready to capitalise on a newfound energy and be ready to take advantage of the clarity you will discover on why, how and where you can make a difference and impact in your life and others.

If you’re ready to breakthrough book your place now. This workshop is strictly limited to just 12 people. 12 people that are ready to launch with purpose and make an impact. Book your place now.

If you’re wondering if this is for you and if this workshop will give you value then take advantage of our money back guarantee. If you attend the workshop and feel that you didn’t get value from it then we will refund the full workshop fee. This is our value guarantee. We believe so much in this breakthrough workshop that it will deliver you so much immediate value that we’ll guarantee it to you.


If you’re still wondering, please stop. If by now you’re still questioning if it’s worth it, then we think you’re not quite ready to get value from this workshop and we really think that it may not be for you at this point in time. We know that those who will benefit from the workshop would have decided to attend after answering the first few questions.

Our advice for you would be to give yourself some space and ponder what it is you want to invest in to develop yourself. This workshop is just one way and if you’re still reading this without having made a decision to attend then it may not be for you.

We hope when you do realise you’re ready, you’ll come back and join us. We just want you to be successful because we truly believe it’s all about you.




Free event especially for men. 13 minutes of fitness activity, then men’s health discussion over a coffee. Held nearly every Sunday morning in Melbourne, Australia. Check the facebook events page for dates and to book in.