As another day starts you summon the energy to take on challenges and use your talent to create your success. You have a plan and a to do list. You’re ready to go.

But as the day goes on the challenges increase, both in number and intensity. You’re bombarded by information and you’re using all your energy to manage the melee of emails and meetings. There comes a time in your day when your energy wanes and you’re looking an escape route: a little facebook time or a sweet snack with that afternoon coffee.

If this scenario is repeated often enough, your ability to summon your success energy will soon diminish leading to a time where you’ll be reflecting on your effort and asking, “why?”

And that is the exact question you should be asking. “Why?” “Why are you doing what you do?” This is the question that will lead you to your purpose and if you answer the question truthfully and find that your purpose for doing what you do aligns with your greater goals and your values you will feel your energy level rise.

The energy derived from strong and meaningful purpose;

  • Drives you to do well
  • Focusses your attention on what’s important
  • Empowers you to avoid or overcome obstacles

Even in menial tasks you can find meaning and if this meaning is aligned with your purpose the menial task will be like a mindful meditation, perhaps even taking you into a state of flow.

The power of a meaningful purpose is a strong catalyst for mental, emotional and physical energy. If you’re looking to re-energise your life and work then find your meaningful purpose. One tool I use to create clarity with my purpose is the Purpose Tree Formula which is made up of Needs, Benefits, Skills, Passion & Drive. Using the Purpose Tree Formula helps you create a powerful purpose statement that gives you energy each time you say it.

Here’s my powerful purpose statement:

“I see a world of business owners and entrepreneurs creating meaningful success without stress.

This is needed because there is an epidemic of poor health and illness directly related to workplace stress.

I am passionate about this from my own experience surviving stress and anxiety burnout.

We should be creating places where each and every person has the space and choice to reach for and meet their potential success without stress. There is no place for stress in any version of success”

If you want to find out more about how you can re-energise your life and work with purpose and meaning book in a discovery conversation session with today. Book here.

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