Who I work with…

Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

  • Self-leadership
    • Creating your success without stress through optimised self-leadership. Work with Sean on tapping into your powerful purpose, increasing your cope-ability, finding flow while you grow, and leading with passion.
  • Creating self-managing employees
    • Your business grows as your people grow. Work with Sean to create self-managing, self-mastering, and growth focussed employees.

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  • Keynote speaking
    • Success without Stress
    • Bypassing Burnout
    • Making Shift Happen
  • Team workshops
    • Finding the I in team: The power of combining individual strengths.
    • Start with purpose: How aligning values and purpose energise impact.
    • Creating a growth zone: Optimising pressure and performance
  • Leadership development
    • Leading through authenticity
    • Fast tracking new leaders
    • Developing emerging leaders

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HR professionals

  • Optimising career transition
    • Resourcing and coaching candidates to optimise performance in their new role.
  • Fast tracking new hire performance
    • Minimising mishires and preventing fallout by fast track performance coaching in the first 90 days in a new role.

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Download this powerful peak performance resource for your candidates and new hires: “The First 90 Days – 6 steps to success in your new role”

It’s a powerful reference resource and practical workbook to ensure your transition into your new role is a success.


  • Create success without stress
  • Life transformation
  • In the moment coaching
  • Career transition

Connect with Sean to discuss your individual aspirations and find out how he can help you make shift happen.