Why I do what I do…

For me, it’s all about the power of transformation. Taking a person through incremental shifts over time leading to a position where transformation happens. Transformation happens when they see there is no going back to their original state. A fundamental shift occurs at their core which elevates them to a position where they transcend their previous experience.

With my own story of transformation and my continuing education in coaching, psychological, behavioural, and emotional studies I bring together knowledge, skills, and experience to passionately help people make shift happen.

  • My areas of expertise
    • Managing life-changing experiences
    • Performance under pressure
    • Authentic leadership
    • Career transition
    • Activating peak performance
    • Creating success without stress
    • Bypassing burnout
    • Personal and professional transformation
  • More about me

My story is all about transformation.

I have experienced the power of transformation both personally and professionally. From this experience, I have been fascinated with how and why transformation happens. This fascination and a burning desire to share the power of transformation with others has guided my education, analysis, and discovery of how transformation happens and how people can tap into the power of transformation to make shift happen.

My personal transformation was from a life of unconscious living where I experienced wonderful highs and crushing lows, to an expanding conscious life where I am living and enjoying continued growth and success without stress.

My professional transformation has been from working to achieve to working at what I love, doing good with what I do, and doing well from what I do. I am in that sweet spot where passion, purpose, and impact blend to create a powerful impact.

My story can be summed up with my before and after pictures.

As a teenager, I dreamed as we all do of what our successful life will be like. I then worked hard to create this dream life. At 42 it felt like I’d spent everything I could spend, sacrificed everything I could and more; not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. I was left with nothing but burnout and an obese body with a long list of health issues.

How did this happen?

How could the success I dreamed of be so elusive and reality be so harsh?

In my search for answers, I found an ever-present thread of stress and anxiety infiltrated much of me and tainted my actions and attitudes. The outward view seemed all ok, but the inner me was stressed and it only showed through my excessive weight and deteriorating health; the elephant in the room.

This new wisdom of my stress-filled success triggered a transformation. Awareness is a powerful ally when battling big challenges. I discovered dealing with the stress and anxiety, transforming mentally and emotionally, transformed me physically. I started my journey to success without stress.

The result of my transformation fills me with such a passion to share this desire for success without stress with others.

Now here’s some thought-provoking questions for you.

  • How do you feel when you think of your own success?
  • In achieving this success was there stress?
  • How did it impact you?
  • What did it feel like managing that stress?
  • If you were to have your success without stress how would that feel for you?
  • How would you feel if there was a way for you to have success without stress?
  • Do you feel it’s possible for you?

Now, let’s look at how success and stress go together;

  • First, you must define what success is for you?
  • How would you be living, acting and thinking?
  • How does it feel?

Now let’s define stress, which is different from pressure or tension which are constructive.

Stress is defined as destructive. As the uncomfortable emotional experience accompanied by a physiological reaction that leads to discomfort and dis-ease.

  • Does this stress have any place in your ideal feeling of success?
  • How can stress and success ever occupy the same space?

If stress and success cannot be found together then why are you focussed on managing stress, when you should be focussed on managing success?

  • How does the concept of success without stress appeal to you?
  • Do you feel you’d like to explore how to achieve success without stress?

Having totally transformed and gone beyond what I ever thought possible I now model my growth on success without stress and I offer you these 3 key ideas that I feel you too can use to create your own stressless success.

The starting place is AWARENESS; cultivate awareness of your reality, both subjective and objective reality.

Respond to all things with AUTHENTICITY; find your truth and interact with the world through your truth.

Always take ACTION; it’s the application of information that leads to the transformation.

Live through Awareness, Authenticity, and Action.

With awareness, authenticity, and action I encourage you to take the journey toward transformation.

Answer this one important question; What is success without stress for you?

Connect with Sean to find out how to apply these principles for yourself.